Tenant Bankruptcy

Representation for landlords from experienced lawyers

When your commercial tenant files bankruptcy, what do you do?  Take no action until you hire experienced practitioners who routinely appear in Bankruptcy Court to protect the creditor/landlord's rights.  At Wiles & Wiles, LLP, we have years of just such experience.  We routinely represent commercial landlords in a broad range of bankruptcy cases, including individual Chapter 7 and Chapter 13 cases and also in individual and corporate Chapter 11 bankruptcies.

When you are involved in a bankruptcy dispute and are deciding upon your choice of counsel, consider that experienced counsel can serve you efficiently and effectively. Our firm has extensive experience with all aspects of landlord/tenant bankruptcy litigation. Our attorneys know how to provide highly skilled and effective representation to protect your interests while keeping your legal fees low.

When a tenant files bankruptcy, included in our representation of commercial landlords are Motions to Lift the Automatic Stay in order to regain possession of the premises, and also Motions to Compel the debtor/tenant to pay post-bankruptcy rental obligations until such time as the lease is assumed or rejected.  Often times, in Chapter 11 reorganizations, we work with our clients and the debtor to renegotiate the lease, so that the debtor will assume or will assume and assign the lease to a purchaser of the bankrupt tenant.  In addition, we have experience in defending preference demands and litigation filed by bankruptcy trustees.

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